The KaossGuitar


A collaboration between Cosmik Guitare and C4 gave birth to the KaossGuitar. Cosmik Guitare for the guitar building and C4 was in charge of the electronic engineering.

We incorporated the Kaoss Pad 2 multi effect in the guitar so you can have instant access to 99 effect programs (filter,delay,flanger,phaser,reverse, synth…).

The touchpad interface as well as a few switches and knobs were extract of the original product and then rebuilt in the guitar for an easy access and control.

You can chose which command of the Kaoss Pad you want to have access to (Hold, preset…)

The Touchpad was embed from the back so it doesn’t alter the finish on the guitar.

KaossGuitar comes with two types of connectors : the regular TRS cable which enables you to play traditionally : guitar —> Amp

And an ethernet cable with high quality XLR connectors. Audio and numerical signals are transmitted between the guitar and the Kaoss Pad without any signal loss or buzz. You can then connect that XLR to any guitar amp, audio interface etc…

We can also incorporate a touchpad on your own guitar which enables you to control any kind of instruments, effects or sequencers with MIDI.
You’ll be able to change settings on your multi effects , pitch of your Whammy pedal , synth , loop from your sequencer even plug-in settings of your DAW.